Yoga Foam Wedge Blocks (Pair) Soft Wrist Wedge, Supportive Foot Exercise Accessories, Balance, Strength, Stretch, Pilate, Fitness, Squat, Pushup, Plank, EVA Riser Block

Improve Your Balance and Form During Yoga, Pilates, or Exercise Routines with Cushioned StrongTek Yoga Blocks! When you’re looking for a smart way to protect your joints during stretches, want to expand your flexibility and forms, or need a low-impact way to increase muscle activation, StrongTek Yoga Blocks can help improve your squats, pushups, deadlifts, and other workout routines with soft, cushioned comfort. The well-balanced design lets you use these yoga wedge blocks with incline or decline exercises, during squats or planks, or simply for stretching out sore, stiff muscle groups. Lightweight, portable, and easy to store when not in use, our Yoga blocks are made with a high-quality foam that retains shape and durability even after long-lasting use. Great for men and women alike, these Yoga blocks make a smart addition to home workouts, gym or studio fitness, CrossFit, or customized personal training areas. Beginner to Professionals. StrongTek Yoga blocks are made for all skill levels, be it a beginner Yoga enthusiast or master-level Yogi! Get a pair today and see how well it can enhance your personal workout routines and mobility gains.Well-Balanced Rehabilitation. A low-impact way to improve range of motion, mobility, and flexibility, our wedge Yoga blocks can help you stretch out hips, calves, knees, and painful plantar fasciitis, so you can live a more active, healthy lifestyle. Sweat and Odor Resistant. The thick, heavy-duty foam cushion is lightweight, durable, and resistant sweat and odors to stay clean even after a heavy workout. And because they come with a portable carry bag, you can take them wherever you plan to workout or stretch.✓ Incline and Decline Positioning – StrongTek soft yoga blocks can be used in a variety of positions, including forward, backward, and sideways to expand exercise routines.
✓ Versatile Exercise Support – These Yoga wedge blocks can also be used for Pilates, stretching, CrossFit, squats, pushups, planks, physical therapy, and other fitness.
✓ Soft, Cushioned Comfort – Our heavy-duty yoga blocks offer better balance and control during forms, supporting joints in the elbow, wrists, knees, and shoulders.
✓ Smart, Well-Balanced Design – The wide, flat bottom and longer ramp length give you more versatility and comfort during all your upper and lower body exercises.
✓ Includes Carrying and Storage Bag – Every yoga blocks 2 pack also comes with a convenient carry bag perfect for using your wedges at home, the gym, or on the go.

Price: $19.95 - $17.95
(as of Dec 09,2019 15:29:55 UTC – Details)

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