Vintage Burst Nitric Oxide Booster – The Natural 3-Hour L-Arginine Pump Supplement – Enhanced Blood Flow for Massive Pumps & Vascularity – Higher Intensity Workouts & Less Fatigue – 120 Veggie Caps


Vintage Burst is an all-natural l-Arginine based nitric oxide booster supplement that is specially formulated to keep nitric oxide levels elevated for hours, enabling bigger and better muscle pumps and higher-intensity workouts.


Get Bigger Pumps & Greater Vascularity: The enhanced blood flow generated by elevated levels of nitric oxide helps build fuller muscles and makes it easier to achieve massive muscle pumps and awesome vascularity. Your entire body will feel harder and look more defined as a result.
Train Harder with Less Fatigue: Vintage Burst contains the correct clinical dose of Spectra, a blend of 70 key nutrients, as well as the amino acid l-arginine, which your body converts to nitric oxide as needed. Together, these powerful ingredients fight against fatigue, allowing you to train at higher intensities for longer.
Feel Better & Be Better: Unlike other nitric oxides you may have tried, Vintage Burst will not make you feel like your head is ringing. It also stimulates antioxidant activity, helps remove ammonia from your body, and help lift your mood and metabolism.


Nitric oxide is best known for regulating blood flow, including to your muscles. The greater the flow of blood to your muscles, the more oxygen and nutrients they receive. This leads to better performance and bigger pumps. However, N.O. doesn’t last long. Once it appears in your bloodstream, it can vanish within seconds or even milliseconds. Normal N.O. supplements may boost the level of nitric oxide in your body, but the effect is very short-lived.

Unlike other nitric oxide boosters, Vintage Burst contains a proven ingredient that keeps blood N.O. levels elevated for 3 hours, naturally. Vintage Burst also includes nutraceuticals that enhance your exercise tolerance, so that training at higher intensities becomes easier.3-HOUR NATURAL NITRIC OXIDE PUMP: If you’re looking for the best L-arginine based nitric oxide booster, you’ve found it! Vintage Burst is a natural nitric oxide booster supplement fueled by Spectra, L-Arginine, and other natural ingredients to deliver a 3-hour nitric oxide boost giving you fuller muscles and vascularity, and allowing you to train harder for longer.
TESTED AND TRUSTED: Third-party tested nitric oxide supplement made exclusively with premium ingredients, including l-arginine and Spectra – packed into a potent combination to allow you to perform harder and longer. Vintage Burst is the best and only nitric oxide booster on the market today that makes sense.
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