Vida Tea 28 Day and Night Organic Detox Tea – All Natural Healthy Herbal Tea Supplement for a Colon Cleanse, Liver, and Stomach Digestion, Weight Loss, and Energy -56 Servings

DETOX & CLEANSE – Our 28 Day pure effective product made in USA Cleanses and Purifies the Body of Toxins and Waste. It fits for men and women. Boosts Your Metabolism and Energy Level. Helps Get Rid of Excess Water and Reduces Stress. Skinny teatox suppresses internal toxins, helps activate digestion, eliminates bloat, completely and gently purifies the intestine and you can get thin flat tummy. It is a suppressant of appetite and has Pleasant & Smooth Taste.


Do you normally get horrible jitters from a simple cup of coffee? The daily program of energizing herbs blend is chock full of herbal ingredients like oolong, pu erh leaf, yerba mate and senna leaves, spearmint and cinnamon that activates your system to give you a healthy burst of energy that you can coast on all day long. The night-time weight-loss detox tea is caffeine free and helps you relax in bedtime as you drift off to sleep.


Loose tea can be messy and difficult for those with a busy lifestyle. Take your individual decaf teabags with you to keep in your purse, at your desk or even when you travel. Naturally it is a great supplement in your active life and strongest detoxing way!


No matter what the temperature is outside, you can enjoy your original detoxification drink hot or over ice!

Save the nature of your beauty without painful diets, take care of your stomach, and support your colon health.

DETOX YOUR SYSTEM IN 2 EASY STEPS. Simply drink a cup of the day time blend in the morning for a natural burst of energy that suppresses cravings, and have a cup of the night time blend that activates your digestive system and works while you sleep.
USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. All of our blends are made with USDA certified organic, all-natural ingredients such as ginger, spearmint, yerba mate, oolong, cinnamon, goji berries, chamomile and more in conveniently tea bags!
A REFRESHING AND DELICIOUS TASTE. You’ll look forward to every cup of this detox tea, since there is no chemicals or additives that give most detox teas a weird aftertaste.
ENJOY MORE HEALTH BENEFITS WITH THIS ANTIOXIDANT-PACKED TEA. Antioxidants rapidly reduce bloating and your bowel will be cleared of toxin deposits. It’s the best way to slim down belly fat. This slimming and skinny tea is a great intestinal cleanser. It detoxifies your body, do wonders for your hair, skin and nails.
LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Health is PRICELESS! We can either pay for it now or pay for it later. Choose wisely and let’s get healthy!

Price: $34.94
(as of Jan 15,2020 15:40:46 UTC – Details)

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