Umeken Mineral L Cal (Large Bottle) – Calcium Enriched with Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Minerals. Water Soluble and Fast Absorbing. About 6 Month Supply. Made in Japan.

Mineral L-Calcium is extracted from fermented natural beets and its absorption level is faster than any other type of calcium supplement. Essential minerals have been extracted from natural minerals in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. After removing 99% of its salinity, 84 different essential mineral concentrates were filtered and added to Mineral L-Calcium. Magnesium extracted from the mineral source is water soluble and easily ionized for better absorption. Vitamin D3 is added. You can add the Mineral L-Calcium to rice, soup, or even drinking water, making it easy for the whole family to benefit from calcium. It is easily absorbed without affecting the color or taste of food.CONTAINS: Vitamin D3, L-type Calcium extracted from fermented natural beets, Magnesium, and Multi-Minerals.
FAST ABSORPTION: Natural formula makes it easy for the body to absorb nutrients
BENEFITS: Supports bone health. Comes with a scoop for convenient use.
SMALL BALL shaped form makes it easy to swallow. Use hot water or tea to take in liquid form
DIRECTIONS: 400g (4,000 balls) / Take 20 tablets daily. Made in Japan. Recommended for all ages.

Price: $150.00 - $141.00
(as of Dec 10,2019 18:29:10 UTC – Details)

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