Roex The Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula Tablets, 180 Count

Minerals play an extremely vital role in how the human body functions. Vitamins and other nutrients can be thought of as the inch spark plugs inch of the human body while minerals can be thought of as the inch igniters inch of the inch spark plugs inch. Not only is calcium needed for strong bones, it is also essential for healthy hair, skin, nails and for proper nerve and heart function. If you can’t get enough through your diet and most people don’t, calcium supplementation is an effective way to ensure you get your adequate daily intake.Two additional mineral supplements found in the ultimate calcium mineral formula are magnesium and zinc
Three forms of magnesium magnesium oxide, magnesium aspartate, magnesium chelate are included in the formula for improved absorption
Zinc is an essential element necessary for sustaining all life, and acts as an activator of certain enzymes that are important in the transport of carbon dioxide in blood

Price: $15.99
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