Resistance Bands Set – Pack of 9 – Heavy Duty Exercise Bands Stretch Set | Booty Bands for Legs and Glutes | Workout Gym Bands for Excersize / Muscle Building | Butt Shape Bands with Carry Bag

Find out why people are loving our Resistance Bands. Resistance Bands – Work Out Fitness Exercise Bands for Muscle Building and Glutes Exercise – 2 Sets Why? Because it doesn’t get better than this. Our versatile, lightweight and long-lasting workout bands are the best investment you will make. Made of premium quality natural latex, these stretch bands are durable and most comfortable to use. Lightweight and portable, stay fit everywhere. These bands can be used at the beach, in your office, at the gym, in the streets or in the Pool as well. You can combine the bands of different resistance to find your ideal set. With 2 different sets, there are a lot of options to try. With our Exercise bands, you can – Regularly perform warm up exercises. Practice light stretching for shoulders, upper back, chest, triceps, biceps and more Increase speed and agility. Train your upper body by doing push-ups, curls, rows, pulldowns and more. Train your lower body with exercises such as squats, deadlifts, Crossfit movements. They are also ideal for weight loss, injury rehabilitation, physical therapy and more. 6Different Levels Resistance Bands for Muscle Building: Red Band (15 – 35 lbs) – 5 X 13 mm Wide Black Band (25 – 65 lbs) – 5 X 22 mm Wide Purple Band (35 – 85 lbs) – 5 X 33 mm Wide Green Band (50 – 125 lbs) – 5 X 45 mm Wide Blue Band (50-175 lbs) – 5 X 63 mm Wide 5 Different Levels Resistance Bands for Butt Workout: Brown Band (3 – 6 lbs) – 0.35 mm Thick Baby Pink Band (10 – 12 lbs) – 0.5 mm Thick Peach Band (15 – 20 lbs) – 0.7 mm Thick Coral Band (25 – 40 lbs) – 0.9 mm Thick Click “Add to Cart” Now!

PREMIUM QUALITY RESISTANCE BANDS – Fraise Bands offer a set of muscle building and butt workout varying resistance bands for your complete workout. These Resistance bands are 100% natural latex workout flexbands are light-weight, durable and strong and can be used in beginning, intermediate as well as advanced strength training.

COLORFUL BANDS FOR MUSCLE BUILDING – These Resistance bands are perfect for resistance training or pull-up training. All 5 color bands offer different resistance so you can practice pull ups, dips, strength training or power weight programs with a band to suit your comfort and weight.

PINK BANDS FOR BEST BOOTY – You like your booty in shape and so do we! With our resistance loop bands, you can regularly practice butt or ankle exercises, Pilates, yoga, stretching and so much more. These booty bands also offer 4 different resistance levels to suit your ease.

CONVENIENCE IN A BAG – Use them at home, gym, at office or while on a vacation. These light-weight Resistance bands exercise stretch bands can be conveniently carried in 2 separate bags and taken everywhere with you. Make sure to refer the manual for all instructions so you can use the resistance bands optimally.

FULL GUARANTEE – We love and trust our products and offer you the same chance. Hence, we promise 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee with every product. Pull up your socks and get ready because our stretch bands are here to make you in shape!

Price: $49.99 - $32.99
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