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ProSource Hand Grip Metal Wrist Strengthener Exerciser, 350-Pound

Do you want to be able to deadlift and lat pull heavier weight without tired hands and wrists? Or maybe you need to strengthen your hands and wrists due to tendonitis? In-creasing your grip strength can improve daily, repetitive functions like opening jars and carrying groceries, and simply make life easier. It also makes a huge difference in sports performance and ability, both for endurance and building more muscle in the rest of your body. The ProSource Hand Grip and Wrist Strengthener is a small, compact tool for hand strengthening exercises to help improve forearm, wrist and finger strength. It can be taken and used anywhere at less than 6-inches long. The durable springs and heavy resistance levels provide an intense challenge to any user, even at the beginner level of 100 pounds. As you slowly build up your strength, you can move to the higher weights to stay challenged. The aluminum handles have light knurl, making it easy to grip and prevent slipping. Toss it in your gym bag to include in your workout, or keep at your desk or by the TV to exercise your hands throughout the day.USE ANYWHERE – Provides resistance to help develop muscles in hands, arms, wrists, forearms, and fingers for increased strength
BETTER PERFORMANCE – A time-tested method for developing your hand grip for improved function and endurance in sports and weight lifting
STRONGER GRIP – Great for improving daily function, such as opening and closing jars, or rehabilitation after an injury.
DURABLE – Made with top grade, durable aluminum knurled handles and high quality springs for a long-lasting exercise tool
6 STRENGTH LEVELS – Choose from 6 different strength levels, or buy a few so you can easily progress: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350 pounds

Price: $12.49
(as of Feb 10,2020 21:44:04 UTC – Details)

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