NamaStrength Yoga Cork Wrist Wedge – Yoga Wrist Support and Calf Raise Block (Set of 2)

The cork NamaStrength wedge yoga set was designed to reduce wrist pain. This wrist and foot wedge will help those with lack of mobility in their joint. The wedge block can be used whether you are doing push-ups, yoga, or stretching your calves. Some joints do not have the mobility to stretch in certain exercises and this wedge will provide calf wrist support to enable you to get into such positions without straining your joints. The cork block wedge is an environmentally-friendly alternative to foam blocks. Yoga gear and other yoga accessories made from less dense materials compress when put under load, but these cork yoga wedges will not compress whether you are using this for your wrists or as a calf stretching wedge unlike a foam incline wedge. NamaStrength makes yoga supplies that help you get the most out of your practice.Incline wedge for wrist support prevents excessive extension of wrist joints – patent pending
Multi-use exercise wedge with varying degrees can be used as ankle stretcher and calf stretchers
Naturally anti-microbial yoga prop and environmentally-friendly cork alternative to foam wedge
Slip-resistant cork material prevents slipping during exercise for wrists and calf raise block
High-density cork firm wedge prevents compression and provides sturdy surface to grip

Price: $29.99
(as of Dec 09,2019 15:36:51 UTC – Details)

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