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LoGest Twist Hand Exerciser Bars – 3 Piece Flexible Bars Strengthener Set – Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Tendonitis, Wrist, Forearms Pain Relief Therapy Bar – Wrist and Arm Strengthener Twist Bar

Exercise your hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders anytime, anywhere. A perfect way to relieve hand pain, increase strength and improve your grip, the LoGest Hand Exerciser tyler twist Set Pyhsiotherapy includes three, color-coded bars which are easy to store in your gym bag so you can engage in a productive workout session at any time. Each item is durably crafted using high-quality TPE material to ensure long-term durability, featuring a ridged design for easy gripping and twisting of the bar when working out.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Expertly crafted using thermoplastic rubber, these Wrist Exerciser Bars grip twist will serve you well throughout the years. The material is strong yet flexible, featuring a rigid design to provide an easy grip when exercising.
HAND EXERCISERS: Unlike most workouts, this forearm Strengthener you can take these Twist-n-Bend Hand Exerciser Bars with you and exercise everywhere you go. Use them at home, at the office or when traveling, and turn your downtime into a productive workout session.
JOINT PAIN RELIEF: Can be used for tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, golfers elbow therapy, Tennis Elbow, elbow tendonitis, rower’s elbow, armbar eccentric, epicondylitis, fishing elbow, pool or billiard elbow, epicondylitis, elbow tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndromINCREASES GRIP STRENGTH: Targeting your hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders, these flexible bars provide a great way to build up strength and improve dexterity. The bar design also allows for other applications.
3-PIECE SET: The LoGest comes with three elbow exerciser bars And Instructions Manual, featuring three different, color-coded resistance levels light Green Bar – Medium Blue Bar – Heavy Red Bar to meet everyone’s needs. You can start with the light bar first and then gradually work your way up to the heavy strength at your own pace.
GREAT GIFT IDEA: Beautifully packaged in an attractive box, the LoGest wrist strengthener Bars will make a great gift for individuals who have pain, limited dexterity, an injury or who enjoy training and working out.

Price: $37.99
(as of Jan 07,2020 15:33:53 UTC – Details)

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