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IronMind Left-Turn 1 Gripper

99.9% of people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you think your left hand has gotten short shrift, meet Left-Turn grippers. Left-Turn grippers are the mirror image of Captains of Crush grippers, so if your trusty gripper doesn’t feel quite the same in your left hand as in your right, grab an IronMind Left-Turn gripper and give it a squeeze. 100% compatible with IronMind Captains of Crush, Zenith and IMTUG grippers.Precision manufacturing and peerless build quality for world-class performance
Good looking, durable, and precise – IronMind’s proprietary GR8-L springs
Black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum handles
4 different strengths
Made in the USA by IronMind, the industry leader since 1988

Price: $27.95
(as of Mar 19,2020 00:00:14 UTC – Details)

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