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Hand Gripper Set of 3 (100, 150, 200 lbs) – Heavy Grippers, Arm Muscle Builder, Wrist Strengthener For Beginners To Professionals, Hand Grip Strengthener Set. Hand Exerciser Trainer For Athletes

It’s time to get down to business. Whether if it’s for the gym, for rehab or simply for daily life use, these grippers are the ultimate tool to develop a crushing grip that will rival the strongest of men. These hand gripper was created for athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. This is the perfect hand gripper for Arm Wrestlers, Powerlifters, Strongmen, Rock Climbers, Gymnasts and anyone else who wants to develop a strong crushing grip and massive wrists and forearms. These grippers are manufactured using high-quality aluminum for the handles, which are machine-knurled, then chromed. This allows users to get a good grip on the handles while not being too rough on their hands. Our heavy duty springs are electrophoretically coated to resist rust and surface damage.UNIQUE DESIGN: Hand Gripper – Arm Muscle Builder Crafted With 50 Inch-Force-Lb Torque Increments From 100lbs To 200lbs. Handles Are Knurled And Coated For A Firm And Non-Slip Grip
THE PERFECT OPTION: Wrist Strengthener For Beginners To Professionals. They Will Appeal To Anyone Looking To Better Their Performance In The Gym, Doing Martial Arts Or Any Other Sport Where Grip Is Important. Builds Forearm Strength And Size
LONG LASTING MATERIAL: Solid High Quality Aluminum Handles Are Knuckled And Coated For A Firm Non-Slip Grip. The Amount Of Torque Provided By These Aluminum Handled Hand Grippers Will Allow You To Build Strength In Your Forearms And Grip That Plastic Handled Grippers Can Never Provide
IMPROVE YOUR STRENGTH: This Product Is Ideal For Wrestlers, Athletes, Musicians, Muscle Builders, Exercise Trainers, From Beginners To Professionals.
“PACK OF 3: ONE 100 Lbs Resistance, ONE 150 Lbs Resistance, ONE 200 Lbs Resistance ”

Price: $26.95
(as of Dec 09,2019 10:35:44 UTC – Details)

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