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Fitness Republic Sculpting Balance Bars | Body bar Workout Fitness Stick | Padded Squat bar | Weight Lifting bar, Straight Weight bar Set (6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb & 14lb)

The Fitness Republic Sculpting Exercise Bar is a great exercise equipment for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Neoprene coated for a comfortable, stable grip, it can be incorporated into your existing fitness regime to increase training intensity and advance your fitness level. Ideal for strengthening your core and toning arms and legs. The Fitness Republic sculpting one bars helps in strengthening the core and is observed to be very effective when it comes to toning the arms and legs. Upper body workout bar can help you integrate the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Its non-impact, one-hour daily sculpting stick workout targets all major muscle groups and improves posture which gives results such as sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat, and elongated thighs. The curling bar exercises are different from those of conventional aerobics, but working out with the weighted bar (Spanish: barra de ejercicios) challenges the body’s strength and endurance, throughout your balance bars exercise and delivers a high level of overall fitness. The rehab stick exercises require intense bursts of energy and deep stretches. Exercising with the bar produces both, high caloric burn and firmer muscle mass.

We offer Fitness Republic shoulder exercise stick in different weight options from 6 pound exercise bar to 14 lbs and unique color range. The Fitness Republic sculpting workout bar helps in strengthening the core and is observed to be very effective when it comes to toning the arms and legs.

  • All you need is a balance stick for exercise for convenient workout at home.
  • Increase balance, flexibility and build core stabilization
  • Weight bars for exercise make your bone stronger
  • We provide Wide weight range of weight set with bar
  • Our weighted walking stick is designed with comfortable grip, color coded with round end cap.

100% RELIABLE AND ENDURING HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION – Heavy duty construction, weight bars are made of solid, high quality material – 47 inches long, highly tough, durable and exceptionally stable. Doesn’t break or bend due to repetitive use
LOSE WEIGHT AND BURNING CALORIES – Exercising with Fitness Republic body bar – straight bar help you burn more calories and toning body shape. Perfect for Physical Therapy, Aerobics, Yoga and Pilates
COLOR CODED WITH ROUND END CAP – Different color coded cap for easy identification of weight bar set. Special round shaped heads prevent foam coating from scratches
PADDED FOAM SURFACE FOR EASY USE – Constructed of high-quality padded foam surface for comfortable in use and prevent slipping even with sweaty hand
WIDE WEIGHT RANGE – All fitness bar are 47-inch long, at different diameters (from 1.2-inch to 1.8-inch) for different weights. Each bar has a 2 inch diameter and 47 inch length

Price: $188.99 - $169.99
(as of Feb 14,2020 21:58:49 UTC – Details)

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