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Day 1 Fitness Soft Wall Medicine Ball 25 Pounds – for Exercise, Physical Therapy, Rehab, Core Strength, Large Durable Balls for TRX, Floor Exercises, Stretching

Roll Your Way To Health, Fitness, and Stability with the Day 1 Fitness Soft Wall Ball These premium, durable medicine sports balls come with reinforced, double-stitching for added strength. It has superb weight-bearing power and won’t pop, rip, or tear unless under distress like wall throws, ensuring you will have this fitness accessory for years to come. We offer an array of weight sizes, each with a diameter of 14”, providing enough surface area that people of all shapes and sizes can comfortably lean against, toss, throw, hold, lay, or sit on it. Our versatile workout balls are perfect for explosive dynamic training, plyometrics, doing core exercises, rehabilitation, improviing balance, and doing pelvic floor exercises. They can also be used to replace weights during twisting, lunges, and squats. *It is important to note that these particular wall balls are not intended for slamming or bouncing purposes. They are designed to assist during exercise.* Product Details: Diameter: 14” Available in: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 poundsTHE BEST FUNCTIONAL TRAINING TOOL: Throwing, lifting, or using our medicine ball as hand weights is a great way to increase muscle density, improving stabilization, and increase core strength. It also is a great tool for wall squats and holds.
STRETCH IT OUT: Our fitness ball is a great way to stretch the upper and lower back, neck, and other body parts. Simply use the weight and gravity of your body against the surface area of the ball to roll out muscles and implement light spinal traction
GET YOUR HEART AND BLOOD PUMPING: As if there weren’t enough things this fitness accessory could do, you can include cardio training into the mix. Use this weighted medicine ball for plyometrics, burpees, Russian twists, crunches, and so much more!
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: At Day 1 Fitness, we take great pride in the products we put out. Our handheld exercise ball comes with even weight distribution and double-stitched, reinforced seams, making this piece of workout equipment quality at its finest.
ROLL OUT TIGHT SPOTS: Our versatile balls for the floor and wall can also be utilized to target sore, cramping muscles and apply deep tissue massage. By putting pressure on a specific body part, you can use your weight to roll against the muscle fibers.

Price: $61.99
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