Country Life Chewable Adult Multi – with Antioxidants and Activated B Vitamins – 60 Wafers

Country life now offers the first adult’s chewable with its own complete antioxidant system. a daily multi vitamin and mineral formulation including a full range of the most effective antioxidant nutrients, vitamins a, e, c, beta carotene and ginkgo biloba. this delicious wafer is a convenient way to supplement your diet. antioxidant nutrients combat free radicals.ADULT CHEWABLE MULTIVITAMIN – includes Coenzyme B-Vitamins to support energy metabolism as well as potent antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E, Selenium and Beta carotene.
NUTRIENTS – contain a large variety of nutrients and should be viewed as the essential backbone to any supplement program
QUALITY INGREDIENTS – We add trace elements, herbs and other complementary nutrients. In addition, many of the nutrients
ENERGY PRODUCTION – Complexed with specific free-form amino acids and Krebs Cycle carriers
EASY-WAY TO GET YOUR RECOMMENDED DAILY NUTRITIONAL NEEDS – provide a convenient way to get a variety of nutrients from a single product in order to ensure an adequate intake. Each of Country Life’s combinations uses only the finest ingredients.

Price: $17.99
(as of Dec 09,2019 15:43:23 UTC – Details)

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