AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379

Like all of our reformers, the AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379 allows you to tone, strengthen and lose weight effectively in your own home. But this recently upgraded reformer also includes a firmer, padded platform cushion and a larger, rounded Cardio Rebounder. You’ll also have four workout DVDs, the Jumpstart Program, a wall chart and a healthy eating manual download at your disposal.

This reformer also includes the head and neck pillow, which is normally $49.

With the four cords of varying resistance, you have 11 intensity options at your disposal. The light-resistance yellow cord is great for arm exercises and will engage your core more while using the Cardio Rebounder. The heavy-resistance red cord and two normal-resistance black cords will require more strength, which is ideal for strengthening and toning the lower body.

The patented Cardio Rebounder will help you reach and maintain your desired weight, flatten your stomach, strengthen your pelvic floor and target your goal heart rate as effectively as with a treadmill but without any of the impact nor stress.

The pulley risers make changing the rope height easy and convenient. You may need a higher or lower rope height depending on the exercises you’re performing because this also impacts the intensity.

The four workout DVDS include the Basic, Primer, Strength and Stamina and Fat Burning Cardio. Not only will beginners get the education and training they need to be successful, but seasoned practitioners will also be challenged. Plus, the Jumpstart Program and healthy eating guide will help you achieve the results you desire – all while energizing and satiating you.Four cord resistance with multiple intensities (1 Red, 1 yellow and 2 black cords)
Firmer, padded platform cushion; firmer, padded platform cushion; high-density foam shoulder pads for comfort and proper body alignment
Patented, larger cardio Rebounder with rounded top for a more varied workout; padded foot bar also included
Foldable frame with wheels for storage and Transport
4 workout DVDs; Includes Marjolein Brugman’s Jumpstart Program; Free eating guide download (in manual); Wall chart also included

Price: $368.58
(as of Dec 08,2019 21:15:33 UTC – Details)

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