AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 with Optional Cadillac (Reformer 610 with Cadillac)

AeroPilates is proven to reduce stress, increase flexibility, build strength and aid in burning fat and losing weight. The AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 and Cadillac Accessory Package delivers the Pilates experience you expect, with its powerful combination of features, comfort and precise design. Reformer to Match Your Needs The AeroPilates Precision Series 610 Reformer gives you all the tools for a great Pilates workout. Use the included Patented Rebounder lying down to reach your desired heart rate and tone muscle as effectively as a treadmill with reduced impact in the joints, hips or spine. For more traditional Pilates exercises, switch the Rebounder out with the included padded foot bar. The 610 features 4 levels of spring resistance. Heavier resistance engages the main muscle groups and lighter resistance activates the core. Also included is a wall chart, downloadable AeroPilates Primer and AeroPilates Basic Workout Package videos and free online access to a Cadillac video with Carrie Coleman. What to Expect with AeroPilates Cadillac The included AeroPilates Cadillac accessory comes with several different outlets for stretching and strengthening the whole body in a fun, gentle and low-impact way. The roll down bar, push-through bar and arm and leg springs allow for a nearly endless configuration of exercises, encompassing muscle groups in every part of the body. They can be done standing on your Reformer, sitting up or lying down. Alter the angle of your exercise easily and quickly by changing the clip height on both bars and springs. Clips can be found on every bar and spring, so adjusting them is a breeze. Converting your Reformer for Cadillac use is simple. Reach for Results The Reformer 610 with is designed to provide maximum comfort. The wide, padded platform, headrest and foam shoulder pads provide ample support while you tone and strengthen your body. The non-skid supports protect your floor. Built-in wheels allow for easy transport.Comes with two items (plus 4 workout videos and 6 educational videos) to expand workout potential: AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 and the AeroPilates Precision Series Cadillac
4 levels of spring resistance with Patented Cardio Rebounder and padded foot bar for traditional Pilates exercises
Padded platform, foam shoulder pads, adjustable head rest and hand and foot straps for extended comfort
Cadillac includes spring-loaded push through bar, roll down bar and arm and leg springs for wide, full-body exercise variety
Comes with wall chart and downloadable AeroPilates Primer, AeroPilates Basic Workout Package and AeroPilates Cadillac guided workout videos

Price: $999.00
(as of Dec 08,2019 21:20:05 UTC – Details)

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