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321 STRONG Foam Roller for Muscle Massage with End Caps – Store Keys, Towels, and Other Accessories – Pink

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Dual grid zone technology – one half of the roller is covered in spiked projections to simulate the finger tips and thumbs of the human hand , the other zone simulates the fingers and palms .
Soothe tired and strained muscles of the leg , back , and arms by rolling out before and after exercise . Extremely effective for stretching the hamstring , glutes , it band , quad and calves thanks to the ridges and bumps
Great for yoga , Pilates , Crossfit , your work out at the gym , after swimming and running . Runners especially see relief from pain from overworked legs and lower back muscles .
Durable 3D EVA foam texture over rugged ABS core, with ABS endcaps available in black , blue , pink , and red . Speeds up recovery , increases flexibility , and increases blood flow to affected areas .
Protected by US Patents 9,345,921 and 9,656,112

Price: $34.99 - $11.99
(as of Dec 18,2019 15:30:34 UTC – Details)

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